About Produts

  • 925 silver jewelry Good quality and high quality is our main material, plated with 14K gold, 18K gold and white gold.

  • Our products are plated with high-quality 14K and 18K gold, the same grade used in high-end brand name products. and is thicker than general gold plating in the market Then coated with an anti-tarnish substance to make the product shiny and durable in new condition for a longer time, so our products have both design and quality that are different from general gold-plated silver.

  • Freshwater pearls of various shapes and colors were used to complement the innovative design.

  • We use Cubic Zirconia in fashion and lifestyle products

  • All of our jewelry is made of 92.5 sterling silver with gold plating, which is natural. and does not contain nickel. Most people are allergic to nickel and unnatural materials.

"Kawind" Product Warranty

1. We have a 1 year warranty in case the product is damaged from production.

2. In case the product is damaged from use We offer a lifetime repair service. There is a repair fee depending on the damage condition of the product.

3. Jewelry cleaning in our store or sending jewelry to be cleaned in our store is free for life. Please note that delivery fees may apply.

5. We provide plating, coating, changing the color of the product to 14K gold, 18K gold, white gold and rose gold, charged according to the workpiece and color that the customer chooses.

6. Kawind customers can exchange our old products for new products with 20% discount.

7. Please keep the "Kawind" Product Certification Card as evidence for reference every time you come to receive the service.

8. For more information, please contact Line: @906quuwn or all official social media channels of "Kawind"

Shipping Product

  • The shop will cut off the delivery round at 24.00 every day.
  • Shipments will be sent only from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
  • Shipping by Thailand Post (EMS)
  • All items are free shipping. (domestic)
  • After delivery, the shop will inform the parcel tracking number (Tracking number) to the customer.

Return Policy

  • The shop reserves the right to accept the return only in case of defective products from the shop only.

  • The shop reserves the right to change the product only if the size does not fit.

  • In the case that the customer has bought it and can't wear it because the size doesn't fit. You can send the product back to change the size. With a replacement fee of 50 baht (within Thailand), the cost of returning the product is the responsibility of the customer.

  • If the shop does not have the size that the customer wants. Customers can change to other models with the condition that The value of the product must be equal to the original product or higher only.

  • Customers must notify the change within 3 days after receiving the product only. If overdue, the shop reserves the right to change the product.

  • The shop will send a new product only when the shop receives the old product from the customer in perfect condition and has not been used.

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